Announcing ThEC11 - the Thorium Energy Conference

It's Time To Talk

Following the success of our last conference in London we are pleased to announce that registration is now open (here) for the Thorium Energy event of 2011.

ThEC11 will be held in New York from 10-12 October 2011.
The conference format will feature lectures and presentations and an exciting social program.
Tell us who and what you'd like to see at the conference to make ThEC2011 a great success

ThEC2011 is open for speakers, exhibitors, display of posters, sponsors and partners. Interested should register here or contact us at

Journalists, reporters and all interested parties are warmly welcome to cover the subject of Thorium Energy by attending ThEC2011. You can simply register here or contact us at

ThEC11 will be used to spread the awareness about Thorium Energy through broadcasting channels, journals and magazines.

Through partnerships we expect to offer attractive accommodations close to the venue at reduced prices.

To secure your ThEC11 booking now, simply send your name and e-mail to us with the form here. Payment will be made available for credit card, PayPal transfer and bank transfer.

Additional information about the conference will follow.

If you would like to attend or contribute to ThEC2011, you may fill in the form here.

We look forward to seeing you at ThEC2011.

Last updated 14 August, 2011