• Affordable

    Thorium is one of the most energy-dense elements found in nature spread over all the continents in large quantities. Abundant and efficient, can Thorium offer an affordable energy source?

  • Safe

    Are there safe methods of using Thorium with no risk of meltdowns or explosions? Can Thorium also be proliferation resistant?

  • Proven

    Research into the use of Thorium started in the 1960’s in the US government's atomic lab. Was it already then proven as a superior fuel?

  • Clean

    Reactors fuelled by Thorium create zero-emission energy. Is a drastic waste reduction in both amount and lifetime enough?

  • Sustainable

    If affordable, safe and clean, does Thorium offer a sustainable solution to the world’s energy problem?

  • Conference

    The best and brightest speakers in the field in world class locations – where will the next ThEC be held?

  • Thorium Energy
  • Let's power the world with Thorium Energy

Read the Thorium Energy Report

ThE Report provides an overview of all achievements in 2014 and the goals for 2015. Here are some of the highlights...

Thorium Energy Report

The Thorium Energy Report is in the making. It will cover all major efforts in the field, presenting a comprehensive overview. Target audiences are non-scientific leaders in all related fields. It will be marketed and made freely available online to secure the best possible outreach. The first report will be published soon, with new reports published on a regular basis.

We would very much like to help promote all outstanding efforts, yours especially. Please email us at info (at) itheo.org for instruction how to participate.

Skyharbour Resources Drills for Thorium

Skyharbour has received drilling permission for its Falcon Point Uranium and Thorium Project in the mineral rich Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Second Announcement ThEC15 in Mumbai

This is the second announcement of ThEC15 in Mumbai. Here we give you further details like the new co-host, scope, organizers, poster papers and sponsorship opportunities.

To secure a place at the conference, we advise you to register as soon as possible. Early registrants also benefit from a discounted conference fee. Register here...

Copenhagen Atomics - Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

A Danish startup aim to reduce nuclear waste problem from 100.000 years to 300 years.

Also from Denmark was the famouse scientist Niels Bohr who made foundational contributions to the understanding of atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. He called for international cooperation on nuclear energy and was involved with the establishment of CERN and the Research Establishment Risø of the Danish Atomic Energy Commission.

Maybe Copenhagen Atomics can pick up where Denmark left this great scientists vision quite some time ago.

Thorium can give Humanity Clean and Pollution Free Energy

It starts by going back to the beginning of the universe. 14 billion years ago, big bang and the formation of everything. And everything was just hydrogen, helium and a little bit of some other stuff, the stars and galaxies started to form and they were like factories for creating new elements… So starts Kirk Sorensen's TEDxColorado Springs talk.

A Modular Thorium Reactor - ThorCon MSR

Martingale reveals a bold approach to solving the global issues of poverty, pollution, energy security, and climate. Today Martingale is announcing its ThorCon liquid-fuel nuclear reactor design for cheap, reliable, CO2-free electricity.

Terrestrial Energy and ORNL Collaboration

The Canadian company Terrestrial Energy Inc. has announced that it has entered into an initial collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, TN, USA. This includes work that is part of Terrestrial Energy's program to advance its Integral Molten Salt Reactor to the engineering blueprint stage, expected in late 2016.

Do you want to Work with Thorium Energy Development in India?

Do you want to work for the Government of India in frontier areas such as design and development of Thorium Energy reactors? Now is the time to apply online for the Training School at BARC.

Greatest Hits: Asgard’s Fire

The Economist’s article, "Asgard’s Fire; Thorium, an element named after the Norse god of thunder, may soon contribute to the world’s electricity supply", made it into the list as one of the most-clicked science and technology article in 2014.