• Affordable

    Thorium is one of the most energy-dense elements found in nature spread over all the continents in large quantities. Abundant and efficient, can Thorium offer an affordable energy source?

  • Safe

    Are there safe methods of using Thorium with no risk of meltdowns or explosions? Can Thorium also be proliferation resistant?

  • Proven

    Research into the use of Thorium started in the 1960’s in the US government's atomic lab. Was it already then proven as a superior fuel?

  • Clean

    Reactors fuelled by Thorium create zero-emission energy. Is a drastic waste reduction in both amount and lifetime enough?

  • Sustainable

    If affordable, safe and clean, does Thorium offer a sustainable solution to the world’s energy problem?

  • Conference

    Turning Talk into Action! The best and brightest speakers in the field in a world class location – was ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN unique or can we build on it?

  • ThEC13
  • ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN


Should Norway Make its Thorium Available?

Norway is a unique country in many ways. It has the largest capital reserve per capita of any nation. Norway is the fifth largest oil exporter and third largest gas exporter in the world. All revenue goes into a sovereign wealth fund valued at USD 570 billion (2011).
On top of this, Norway is the country where Thorium was first found and it has vast quantities of the precious atom. The Telemark region, which is an ancient volcano, is believed to contain 132 000 tons of Thorium.

Dream Beam from Laser

Could massive arrays of thousands of fiber lasers be the driving force behind the next-generation neutron source? New research could help cut the size of powerful particle accelerators from kilometers to meters in length according to its supporters.

Fiber laser alternative scheme of a coherent amplifier network (CAN).

Looking for Revival

Dirk de Vos argues whether “South Africa should put its nuclear dreams aside for now?” He does so by looking at current nuclear constructions and comparing it with the promises of new nuclear.

A Green Idea

The independent environmental news and green lifestyle publisher, Greener Ideal, tries to answer the question “What Will the Energy Sector Look Like in 50 Years?”
While many people expect the world to move largely to solar power in the next 50 years, most experts are doubtful of this possibility.

India’s Thorium Energy Future

The former Indian President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said “It has become essential to pursue the development of nuclear power using thorium, reserves of which are high in the country, to meet the increased needs of power.”

Technology Review – Transatomic Power

Transatomic Power is here to transform the nuclear industry as we previously have reported here. The core technology approach can eventually be used with Thorium, and they do support the use of Thorium in general.Now we get a closer look at the start-up company in the Technology Review article called “Safer Nuclear Power, at Half the Price”.

Government of India Statement on Thorium

The Government of India has made a press release called “Thorium as a Safe and Clean Energy Source”. It states that “The third stage of Indian nuclear power programme contemplates making use of… Thorium based reactors, which can provide energy independence to the country for several centuries. This will avoid the dependency on coal and natural gas.”

New York Times in Search for “Energy Miracles”

Bill Gates is influential. He is the world’s second-richest man and surely the premier American technologist of the era. “Energy Miracle” was coined by Bill Gates at the TED conference 2012, where he presented “Innovating to zero!” as we have reported on before here. Today it seems like everyone is referring to “Energy Miracles”. Now The New York Times uses it when reporting on Thorium Energy amongst other nuclear options.

DOE and EPA Team Announced by Obama

President Obama has nominated the MIT nuclear physicist Dr. Ernest Moniz to head the Department of Energy.

President Obama Makes a Personnel Announcement, WhiteHouse.gov

A Transformative Leapfrog Move

Russ Wilcox, former CEO of E Ink and co-founder of Transatomic Power, says “The nuclear industry knows it’s in trouble, it’s not quite sure what to do, and it’s just trying to survive for the moment. It’s a fabulous time to do a leapfrog move.” He further clarifies this in the video “A Defining Moment for Choosing his Next Venture”.