• Affordable

    Thorium is one of the most energy-dense elements found in nature spread over all the continents in large quantities. Abundant and efficient, can Thorium offer an affordable energy source?

  • Safe

    Are there safe methods of using Thorium with no risk of meltdowns or explosions? Can Thorium also be proliferation resistant?

  • Proven

    Research into the use of Thorium started in the 1960’s in the US government's atomic lab. Was it already then proven as a superior fuel?

  • Clean

    Reactors fuelled by Thorium create zero-emission energy. Is a drastic waste reduction in both amount and lifetime enough?

  • Sustainable

    If affordable, safe and clean, does Thorium offer a sustainable solution to the world’s energy problem?

  • Conference

    Turning Talk into Action! The best and brightest speakers in the field in a world class location – was ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN unique or can we build on it?

  • ThEC13
  • ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN


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From Fusion to Fission

Graduated from high school in May 2012, Taylor Wilson has already been called “The Boy who Played with Fusion” by Popular Science and Forbes has suggested that he may just be “The Bill Gates of Energy.”
In his second TED talk titled “Good energy comes in small packages”, he unveiled his plan to commercialize a molten salt reactor.

Updated; Tailor Wilson: My radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors.

Introducing the International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The committee includes 23 highly-respected individuals from 8 countries. The international, well connected and experienced make-up of the ISAC will broaden the reach of our promotion and dissemination efforts of Thorium Energy. We are especially glad to acknowledge two former Director Generals from two of the largest organizations related to Thorium Energy activities, IAEA and CERN.

Thorium-based Reactors Report by GlobalData

A new report from GlobalData titled “Thorium-based Reactors - A New Lease of Life for Nuclear Power Development” has been made available for purchase via ResearchAndMarket.

Efficiently and on Schedule

China arguably has the most robust nuclear building program in the world and they’re continuing to demonstrate to the rest of the world that nuclear power plants can be built both efficiently and on schedule.

ThEC13 in Geneva – Registration Open

Registration is now open for the Thorium Energy Conference – ThEC13 in Geneva at CERN!

Thorium Energy is rapidly growing in popularity and so does the Thorium Energy Conference which is held at CERN in Geneva in partnership with iThEC.
CERN is in many ways a unique location as the world’s largest physics laboratory, the birthplace of the World Wide Web, the home of the Grid, discovery place of the Higgs (God) particle … the list is long.

The amount of places for ThEC13 are limited so don’t miss the opportunity to discover Thorium Energy and the people in the community at ThEC13 in Geneva by registering today.

Introducing iThEC

The international Thorium Energy Committee (iThEC) is our host of this year’s Thorium Energy Conference – ThEC13 in Geneva. It will be held at the famous science institute, CERN (think world’s biggest experiment and the Higgs boson) in the Globe of Science and Innovation from October 27 to 31, 2013.

Colbert Report: Thorium!?

The Colbert Report interviewed Michael Shellenberger about environmentalism, nuclear energy, his book Breakthrough and Pandora's Promise. But it was Colbert who brought up the topic of thorium!

Announcing the Thorium Energy Conference – ThEC13 in Geneva

The next Thorium Energy Conference - ThEC13 in Geneva - will be held at CERN from October 27 to 31, 2013 in the Globe of Science and Innovation. It will be organized in partnership with the newly founded international Thorium Energy Committee (iThEC).

Our local partner iThEC (international Thorium Energy Committee), which constitutes of various Geneva personalities of whom many are closely related to CERN, will ensure the conference is a success through their local and international experience.

Blaze a Trail – China and Thorium

The Chinese are running away with thorium energy, sharpening a global race for the prize of clean, cheap, and safe nuclear power. Good luck to them. They may do us all a favour.