Thorium energy is a proven technology which offers to meet the world's energy demands for many centuries, at a price cheaper than coal.


There is plenty of information about Thorium energy. But, significantly, it relates to different concepts and technologies. Some sources discuss Thorium in solid form, which leaves most of the fuel unused, resulting in large amounts of waste. IThEO however, promotes technologies which use all the fuel, and preferably all the old waste with it.


There are two main sources of information about Thorium energy. One originates from the days at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) between 1940-70 and is of a scientific nature. Most of these scientific documents are available from the www.energyfromthorium PDF page

After this initial period of development, Thorium energy was left largely unpursued. But today the Thorium energy movement is increasingly gathering momentum.

Thorium History

During the 1940s there were two competing fields of development, represented by Enrico Fermin and the U.S. military on one side, and Eugene Wigner and Alvin Weinberg at ORNL on the other side, advocating Thorium energy.

Sadly, due to political and military priorities of the time, Wigner and Weinberg's work ceased to receive funding, and a commercial Thorium solution was never realised, despite their work successfully proving the concept of Thorium energy. If the right choice had been taken, today we would not face the environmental and energy problems which we do.



A detailed account of the ORNL period and beyond

John Gibbons writes of Alvin Weinberg's book:

“He chronicles the successes, failures, and future of nuclear energy with compassionate understanding about the fact that the sacred fire may have come to mankind before we were ready to handle it.”

The author Alvin Weinberg was elected to membership in the American Philosophical society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science. He received twelve honorary degrees, and was president of the American Nuclear Society.

In his book, The First Nuclear Era, he gives an inside story of the times, people and technology.


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Last updated 16 October, 2013