MSR’s can Restore the Economics of Nuclear Power

The UK government sees potential in the UK becoming a global exporter of small modular reactors and helping drive a major expansion of nuclear energy worldwide. It has committed £250 million to R&D in the nuclear fission area. ‘For nuclear to become a dominant global power source, the economics of nuclear power must be restored. This can only be done by making nuclear energy intrinsically safer, instead of adding layer on layer of engineered safety systems. Molten salt reactors can achieve this.’ concludes EPD.

Aiming to Cut the Time to Market for Thorium Fuels

Watch Saleem Drera, Vice President, Research and Development at Thor Energy, talk about Thor Energy’s business idea, technology, goals and challenges in an interview conducted during the Thorium Energy Conference in Mumbai.

Saleem Drera’s interview at ThEC15 in Mumbai

What if Fission was Discovered Today?

Yesterday marked the 77 year anniversary of January 26, 1939, when during the Fifth Washington Conference on Theoretical Physics at the George Washington University, Nobel Laureate Niels Bohr publicly announced the splitting of the uranium atom. The resulting “fission,” with its release of two hundred million electron volts of energy, heralded the beginning of the atomic age. Would our choices of using this innovation be different if fission was discovered today?

‘Thorium and Solar is the Ideal Mix for India’

Watch Mr. Kakodkar, former Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission in India (2000-2009) talk about the developments in the Indian thorium energy program, the benefits of thorium fuel, and the energy situation in India in an interview at ThEC15 in Mumbai.

Anil Kakodkar’s interview at ThEC15 in Mumbai

New Financing Into Advanced Reactor Development

The start of the year has seen some significant public and private financing for advanced nuclear development projects. The US Department of Energy will co-finance two projects, and Terrestrial Energy completed a Series A funding round. These kind of public-private partnerships and private investor support are crucial in the commercialization of new promising technologies. Will these big-name investors spur further funding to advanced reactor development and Thorium Energy in particular?

The Master Commodity and Flibe's Thorium Vision

Watch Benjamin Soon talk about the importance of Thorium Energy to the world, Flibe Energy’s goals, the liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) technology, challenges in the path towards Thorium Energy deployment, and geopolitics in an interview conducted during the Thorium Energy Conference ThEC15 in Mumbai.

Benjamin Soon’s interview at ThEC15 in Mumbai

Second Thorium Fuel Test Round Started

The second phase of the five-year fuel irradiation project for thorium based nuclear fuels has commenced at Halden. This second phase is intended to verify test results from the first round, and is a further step towards commercializing thorium as a supplement fuel in conventional nuclear reactors. This is according to Thor Energy the fastest way to start the thorium fuel cycle.

Thorium Year 2015 in Review

Happy New Thorium Year to you! 2015 was full of events in the field of Thorium Energy. Here are some of our highlights...

ThEC15 Website Now Online

The material from the conference has now been collected and published on the ThEC15 website.

Group photo from ThEC15 in Mumbai.

Thorium As Nuclear's New Frontier - Science Magazine

The Science Editor for New Delhi Television, Pallava Bagla, took part in the international Thorium Energy Conference ThEC15 held in Mumbai in October. He published his conclusions in an article in the November issue of

Thorium is “the gateway to powering India’s economy.”
-Dr. R. K. Sinha, Chairman AEC and Secretary DAE