Program Update ThEC15 in Mumbai

A new update to the ThEC15 in Mumbai program has been published. It includes:

A National Overview of Canada by Dr. R. A. Speranzini, Head of National and International Collaborations at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and 7 Industry presentations by...

Registration for ThEC15 Closes Today

ThEC15 in Mumbai is a unique opportunity for global networking in thorium energy research and development.

The last day to register is today. Sign up and reserve your spot at ThEC15 here:

Thorium, the Far Side of Nuclear Power

Pandora's Promise from 2013 is a great documentary questioning whether the one energy technology we fear most could save our planet from pollution and a climate catastrophe, while providing the energy needed to lift billions of people in the developing world out of poverty.

A western family's total energy need can be met by this amount of Thorium.
Now there is a new documentary that is focusing more precisely on thorium and...

Unique Thorium and Rare Earth Elements Investment Opportunity

A member of IThEO has decided to reopen a previously active Thorium and Rare Earth Elements mine. With a nuclear license to store it and a diversified plan for its utilization, thorium is not a burden but a great asset...
Contact us for further information regarding this investment.

ThEC15: Updated Program and Sponsor+Exhibition Opportunities

The program for ThEC15 in Mumbai - 'Gateway to Thorium Energy' - has now been updated:

300 Attendees
120 Poster presentations - Abstracts
46 Speakers - Program
35 Countries represented
12 National Overviews: India, China, EU, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Belgium, Brasil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia
9 Developers: Steenkampskraal Thorium Ltd, ThorCon, Thor Energy, Flibe Energy, TEN Energy, Seaborg, Moltex, Elysium Industries, Copenhagen Atomics.

Thorium Report by the Nuclear Energy Agency

The Nuclear Energy Agency recently published a report titled ‘Introduction of Thorium in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle’. This report was drafted to offer a scientific and technologically sound assessment of thorium’s potential role in nuclear energy in short and longer term. Indeed, it dives very deep into the history, current state and potential of thorium energy, and provides an excellent source of information.

Short- to long-term consideration by the NEA.

Should Turkey Enter the Thorium Race?

The Turkish Energy Foundation TENVA has published a report on Thorium opportunities in Turkey, which discusses thorium as a solution to the country’s chronic energy problem and the actions needed to achieve this. Will the sketched framework lead into a Turkish national thorium energy program?

Should Turkey with its vast Thorium resources enter the race?

Independence Day of India Celebrations

The host nation of the Thorium Energy Conference 2015, India, is today celebrating its Independence Day which also is the National Day. The festivities culminate by the Gateway of India in Mumbai with a light show and dancing. We also picked the grand landmark for the conference logo and added the slogan “Gateway to Thorium Energy”. We look very much forward to meet our colleagues in India and hope to meet you there.
Please join us in celebrating our host nation’s national day with this video:

The video shows the last year’s celebrations in Mumbai at the Gateway to India.

Molten-Salt Reactor Feasibility Study by EPD

The year long project conducted by Energy Process Developments Ltd to determine the feasibility of developing a pilot scale molten salt reactor in the UK has been finished and results published. The study reviewed six MSR designs: Flibe Energy, ThorCon, Moltex, Seaborg Technologies, Terrestrial Energy and Transatomic Power.

Feasibility study of developing a Molten-Salt Reactor in the UK.

The Future of Clean Nuclear Energy is Coming

‘Nuclear power is like the unloved child of sustainable energy. It’s got so much potential - but it only gets noticed when it does something wrong. If only people could see how cool it is...!’ starts the D News talk on nuclear power.

D News - The Future of Clean Nuclear Energy is Coming